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Our cannabis supply chain company operates off of core values, which has allowed us to grow our global network by consistently providing a comprehensive risk-adjusted supply chain experience even amongst the most volatile environments.

At the heart of what we do and believe, is that making each unique client successful helps to strengthen our organization from the core. We do this by collaborating with our cannabis clients to develop innovative cannabis solutions that ultimately improve the vitality and execution of each distinct project. As a leading cannabis supply chain company, not only do we bring an unparalleled amount of experience to the table, we truly know how the industry operates top to bottom. Our core values are what guide our behavior and actions, which is why they are part of our make-up and fundamentals of how we execute our mission.

Cannabis Packaging Design

At The Calico Group, we integrate market-leading creativity with modern and strategic innovation. We help our cannabis clients “think outside of the box.” With custom cannabis packaging design as a major focus, our in-house creative team works with a unique mindset around delivering a one-of-a-kind result. We specialize in custom product packages, vape cartridge packaging, cannabis edible packaging, vape cartridge containers, and luxury packaging production. Nothing is out of reach!

Cannabis Packaging Design
cannabis supply chain company

Cannabis Solutions

When our cannabis clients approach us for innovative and unique service capabilities that are specific to the pain points of the cannabis industry, we engage each project with a transparent articulation around process, efficiency, and dedication. Our comprehensive supply chain consulting services encompass a vast and malleable landscape of cannabis-related business solutions, ranging from global logistics and supply chain management, inventory management, printing solutions, cannabis product packaging, vaporizer wholesale products, and so much more.

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