Custom Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Packaging Company

One of the first impressions your cannabis brand makes to the consumer always starts with product packaging. This is where The Calico Group can help.

With our out-of-box creativity and cannabis industry experience, we can help position your brand properly within your market. We work extremely closely with our clients to turn their vision into a memorable customer experience.

Our Cannabis Product Packaging Process


We are continually fostering visual and creative services such as structural and graphic design. All of our custom cannabis packaging includes customized development with rapid prototyping. We collaborate with you to gather inspiration and begin the design process.

Cannabis Supply Chain Planning

We assess and scope each cannabis product packaging project right down to the SKU, sourcing and supplier analysis, create selection, criteria, procurement planning, performance guidelines, global market conditions, and risk profiling and mitigation.

Product Sourcing

We offer a multi-continental approach to finding any cannabis product, anywhere, at any time. We then create a redundant supply assessment across client demand criteria, location, and current market conditions.

Turnkey Manufacturing

We have a global network of ISO accredited cannabis supply partners covering a vast swath of turnkey product categories and packaging materials.

Quality Control

Quality is everything to us and we never take shortcuts along the way. Calico carries an extensive QA & QC process tailored to the specific cannabis manufacturing region that takes quality evaluation above and beyond the standard market.

Logistics & Delivery

We have an international network of partners covering all facets, lanes, and environments that take your cannabis product from completion to delivery, anywhere, anytime.

Post Delivery

As a long-term partner, the buck doesn’t stop at delivery. We carry an extensive network of kitting & assembly, warehouse management, and ongoing distribution needs along with customized reporting, market volatility modeling, ongoing risk profiles, and forecasting services.

Cannabis Product Packaging Materials

From retail folding cartons, rigid packaging and retail bags, we offer a wide range of of contemporary and unique offerings for every budget.

We produce everything from customized cannabis retail containers, caps and closures, and retail bags to thermoformed and injection molded products. Plastics can provide an attractive substrate for ancillary marketing applications including signage, customized displays, and various acrylic offerings.

We offer a myriad of glass containers and tubes common with showcasing flower among the cannabis industry.

Our metal offerings can be form-fitting for a number of applications, including child resistant tin packaging and customized syringe plungers utilizing various grades of stainless steel.
Custom wood components encompassing retail displays to customized crates and pallets.

We provide a range of textile offerings including tote bags, custom pouches, and other material related cannabis or dispensary retail solutions.

Mostly utilized for internal packaging opportunities, especially within rigid packaging. Utilized to a lesser extent for ancillary consumer driven product offerings. We offer a variety of foam substrates including environmentally friendly options.

We include a deep network of global compliance laboratories covering accredited ASTM and CSPC child-resistant certification capabilities.

Consumers and corporations alike are increasingly prioritizing sustainable packaging within their purchasing decisions. We carry the capability to leverage alternative materials such as molded pulp, recycled paperboard and sugarcane to assist the transition to a more environmentally friendly footprint.

Our Values are what sets us apart from the rest of the cannabis packaging companies.


Committed to our cannabis supply partners, clients and employees.


We do what’s right.


We do what we say.


We grow talent.


We deliver.

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From ideation to post delivery services, we have a growing team of creative experts ready to connect with you.