Our Process

Proven Process ... Trend Setting Results

“Malleable” is the key indicator that defines our organization. No two clients, processes, or individual projects are alike. We do NOT incorporate a catalogue driven business model or any “take it or leave it” mentality. Amongst our vast list of advantages is the capability to bring multiple strategic solutions across multiple suppliers coupled with modern innovation together in-house. With our global network and customized internal systems, nobody can fulfill these multi scale obligations on par with our organization. As the cannabis industry continues to expand, we are poised to meet current and future needs across our client portfolio.

The Benefits of Working With Us

By leveraging our global reach, our clients can ensure that their products and services are consistently accurate, cost-efficient and on time, no matter the final destination.



We live and breath transparency and communication. Whether its current market supply opinion, to customized reporting or critical demand forecasting, we tailor everything down to the individual.



Our vast global network and comprehensive purchasing power provides us quality and cost availability unattainable to the competitive market.



Our process consistency is simply a Tier-1 system we build from the ground up that will support your overall business strategy. It makes our organization more competitive because we are able to perpetually evaluate our ongoing strengths and weaknesses and find areas where we can improve.

Our Step-by-Step Process



We are continually fostering ideation related services such as structural and graphic design and customized development and rapid prototyping. We collaborate with you to gather inspiration and begin the design process.


Supply Chain Planning

We assess and scope each project down to the SKU, in addition to, sourcing and supplier analysis, creative selection criteria, procurement planning, performance guidelines, global market conditions, and risk profiling and mitigation.



We offer a multi-continental approach to finding any product, anywhere, at any time. We then create a redundant supply assessment across client demand criteria, location and current market condition.


Turnkey Manufacturing

We have a global network of ISO accredited supply partners covering a vast swath of turnkey product categories and materials.


Quality Control

Quality is everything to us and we never take shortcuts along the way. Calico carries an extensive QA & QC process tailored to the specific manufacturing region that takes quality evaluation above and beyond the standard market.


Logistics & Delivery

We have an international network of partners covering all facets, lanes, and environments that take your product from completion to delivery, anywhere in the world.


Post Delivery

As a long term partner, the buck doesn’t stop at delivery. We carry an extensive network of kitting & assembly, warehouse management, and ongoing distribution needs along with customized reporting, market volatility modeling, ongoing risk profiles, and forecasting services.

Connect With Calico

From ideation to post delivery services, we have a growing team of creative experts ready to connect with you.