Creative Cannabis Solutions

Your vision becomes reality through our gold standard cannabis design capabilities. We approach each individual design project with the creative focus that nothing is out of reach.

Custom Product Packages

With decades of experience navigating the cannabis industry, we have the experience and resources to help you find a “needle in a haystack.” We approach every opportunity from the ground up from ideation and creative, to comprehensive prototyping and production modeling. We are a one stop cannabis shop for all of your cannabis needs.

Whether it’s innovative hardware, trend-setting custom cannabis packaging, brand elevating print, or comprehensive cannabis supply chain consulting, these unique capabilities span across a vast gamut of creative products and form-fitting service offerings.

Our Creative Process


We are continually fostering visual and creative services such as structural and graphic design. All of our creative cannabis solutions include customized development with rapid prototyping. We collaborate with you to gather inspiration and begin the design process.

Cannabis Supply Chain Planning

We assess and scope each cannabis project down to the SKU, sourcing and supplier analysis, create selection criteria, procurement planning, performance guidelines, global market conditions, and risk profiling and mitigation.

Cannabis Product Sourcing

We offer a multi-continental approach to finding any cannabis product, anywhere, at any time. We then create a redundant supply assessment across client demand criteria, location and current market condition.

Turnkey Manufacturing

We have a global network of ISO accredited supply partners covering a vast swath of turnkey cannabis product categories and materials.

Quality Control

Quality is everything to us and we never take shortcuts along the way. Calico carries an extensive QA & QC process tailored to the specific manufacturing region that takes quality evaluation above and beyond the standard market.

Logistics & Delivery

We have an international network of partners covering all facets, lanes, and environments that take your product from completion to delivery, anywhere, anytime.

Post Delivery

As a long-term partner, the buck doesn’t stop at delivery. We carry an extensive network of kitting & assembly, warehouse management, and ongoing distribution needs along with customized reporting, market volatility modeling, ongoing risk profiles, and forecasting services.

Creative Cannabis Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Vaporizer Wholesale

Our wholesale cannabis portfolio encompasses the most advanced contract manufacturing capabilities by region centered around vape, branded merchandise and medical products. With comprehensive global supply chain offerings, including a consultative approach, we hold true to our commitment by taking every turnkey concept from creative planning to market shelves.

Custom Cannabis Packaging

When it comes to custom cannabis packaging, you have already found your solution. Encompassing decades of experience, our team carries the capacity to provide any raw material from any region, for any application, budget, and time framework while executing our promise. With your detailed requirements, we can execute each cannabis packaging project ensuring the end result plays a role in your success.

Print & Displays

Providing a vast gamut of print and POP capabilities, it’s clear that we put your design to work across a myriad of sizes, materials and applications. From outdoor signage and mail collateral to various printing methods, we are the cannabis solution to your project.

Supply Chain Consulting

The cannabis supply chain issues can be tough to navigate on your own. We hear you loud and clear! The good news is that we have the capacity to provide all of these services under one rooftop built around each client. Our organization carries decades of experience across a multitude of creative cannabis solutions including sourcing, manufacturing, international logistics, customs brokerage, fulfillment and assembly, warehousing and distribution, product forecasting, regulatory and volatility and risk management.

Connect With Calico

From ideation to post delivery services, we have a growing team of creative experts ready to connect with you.