Cannabis Print Solutions

Premium Cannabis Printing Solutions

We are the leaders in customized printing solutions for the cannabis industry.

As a cannabis and supply chain industry leader, we also specialize in customized print, mailing, display and marketing solutions.

We offer custom cannabis print that is unique to your brand and specific marketing needs. Having an effective design behind your cannabis product and cannabis print materials you can stand out in a very competitive industry.

With our international portfolio, coupled with our skilled expertise within the cannabis industry and our groundbreaking technology, we are able to tackle any size project printing solution and custom cannabis displays that you need.

We value a long-term partnership and will work on short-run and small volume projects, all the way to macro-oriented projects. Our team will take your idea from concept to delivery.


Our Print Solution Process


We are continually fostering product & service ideation, structural and graphic design, customized development and rapid prototyping. We collaborate with you to gather inspiration and begin the design process. From vape syringes to wholesale vaporizer cartridges, we continually keep the design process flowing to bring out the best solutions that make your brand stand out.

Supply Chain Management

Everyone of our projects are assessed and scoped down to the SKU. We perform sourcing and supplier analysis. We specialize in creating selection criteria, procurement planning, and performance guidelines. Our expertise gives us an insight into global market conditions and risk profiling/mitigation.


We offer a multi-continental approach to finding any product, anywhere, at any time. We then create a redundant supply assessment across client demand criteria, location and current market condition. Our goal is to always provide inventory management with a global approach. We plan according to demand/offer and seasonality, getting you ready for the high season of business.

Turnkey Manufacturing

We have a global network of ISO accredited supply partners covering a vast swath of turnkey product categories and materials. They oversee all aspects of a project’s production from beginning to end.

Quality Control

Our extensive QA & QC process is tailored to each specific manufacturing region that takes quality evaluation above and beyond the standard market. We perform extensive QA through the entire process, ensuring quality in each part of the supply chain. Here at The Calico group, QA and QC are of the utmost importance.


Logistics & Delivery

The Calico group works with an international network of partners covering all facets, lanes, and environments that take your product from completion to delivery, anywhere, anytime. We partner with you at every step of the process. Our extensive management capabilities ensure a smooth product flow.

Post Delivery

Our capabilities as a Cannabis Supply Chain management company go far and beyond delivery. When you enter into partnership withThe Calico Group, you become a long term partner. Our wide array of solutions do not end at delivery. We carry an extensive network of kitting & assembly, warehouse management, and ongoing distribution needs along with customized reporting, market volatility modeling, ongoing risk profiles, and forecasting services.


Cannabis Print Solutions

It’s no secret that print can portray a powerful message for your brand, here’s how the expertise brought by The Calico Group in custom cannabis print can help your brand:


Cannabis Print Materials

Our print capabilities span a broad range of offerings from screen and digital to lithographic to flexographic and more. Our designs are featured in only the highest quality print materials to represent your brand faithfully. Print can make a difference in how your brand is perceived, and by partnering with us, your custom cannabis print will be effective and make a lasting first impression.

Cannabis POP Displays

We carry a deep background in the POP market across a vast portfolio of both classic and exotic offerings including electronic technology-driven solutions.
Showcasing your cannabis brand and products in a custom display is the best way to increase not only visibility, but sales as well. Let The Calico Group design your cannabis POP displays that will capture your customer’s attention in a highly competitive space.


Our Values are what sets us apart from the rest of the cannabis print companies.


Committed to our supply partners, clients and employees.


We do what’s right.


We do what we say.


We grow talent.


We deliver.

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