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Why Your Brand Needs to Prioritize Cannabis Packaging

Consumers are bombarded with ads on their phones, TVs, and in stores every day. You may be shocked to learn that the average person sees somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day. As a result, companies have to find marketing tactics that hold a customer’s attention and encourage sales. 

High-quality, creative cannabis packaging can elevate your brand and help your products stand out from the competition. Let’s dive into why your cannabis brand needs to prioritize packaging. These insights will help your brand create a memorable customer experience that drives sales. 

The Power of Presentation

Packaging is essential whether you have an established cannabis brand or are just breaking into the market. After all, humans are visual creatures, and your packaging is an extension of your brand itself. Approximately 72% of Americans make purchasing decisions based on packaging. 

And product packaging is a powerful customer retention tool too. Nearly 63% of customers stated they purchased a product for a second time because of packaging. So custom cannabis packaging can help your brand make lasting impressions that convert to sales and customer loyalty. 

Compliant Packaging is Key

The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth. Companies have to balance this growth with complex regulatory changes. For example, in the United States, cannabis packaging regulations vary widely by state. But child-proof packaging is a common compliance consideration. 

Certain safety features may not be required for your state’s cannabis packaging, but implementing safety features for your cannabis packaging design can help build trust between your brand and customers. 

Labeling is another key compliance consideration. Working with an experienced cannabis packaging company can help you meet your compliance requirements. A packaging company can also help you optimize packaging design to balance compliance needs with brand-building opportunities. 

Protect Product Quality

Proper product packaging ensures the quality of your product. In addition, the right packaging protects product freshness and potency. For instance, CBD oils require packaging that protects the contents from direct sunlight. 

Cannabis package design should balance a branded aesthetic with functionality. Sturdy materials can protect products in transit and safeguard products from human handling issues and environmental factors. 

Inform Customers

Excellent communication is a key factor for successful brand and customer relationships. Your packaging can help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Whichever state you sell your products in will dictate the information you’re required to put on your packaging. Even so, you can include additional information that customers may find helpful, like:

  • Product Profile
  • Benefits
  • Ingredients
  • Brand Information

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers will gravitate towards appealing, professional-looking packaging. So don’t miss out on optimizing your cannabis packaging design. Cannabis product packaging should be functional and on-brand. 

A complicated design can frustrate customers and prevent them from choosing your products. That’s why it’s important to work with a cannabis packaging company that can create an easy-to-use design for your products. 

Build Your Brand

Well-branded packaging can boost a brand’s credibility, and in the cannabis market, credibility is essential for sales conversions. If you create a strong first impression for your brand, you can increase sales and develop long-lasting customer relationships. 

In the digital age, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Designing distinctive packaging can increase brand recognition for your products in-store and online. A cannabis packaging company can help you define your target market and develop design strategies that appeal to your potential customers. You can optimize your packaging to promote your brand message even if you have limited space. 

Your product packaging can be a powerful tool for connection too. Including your company’s contact information and social media handles on your packaging gives customers more ways to connect with your brand. In addition, using packaging to support your overall marketing strategy can support social-selling initiatives, help you establish authority, and build a memorable customer experience. 

Choose a Quality Cannabis Packaging Company

Quality product packaging can support your cannabis company’s compliance needs and marketing efforts. At the Calico Group, we help brands optimize their marketing efforts with custom cannabis packaging. 

From creative ideation to supply chain planning and product sourcing, our team can support you in every step of the packaging process. Our experienced team helps brands make lasting impressions on customers. We have the creative solutions and industry experience your cannabis brand needs to stand out and excel in this market. 

The Calico Group’s packaging team can turn your brand’s vision into a high-converting marketing strategy. Contact our team today and let us support your packaging needs.


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