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What Makes an Effective Cannabis POP Display?

A point of purchase (POP) display has the power to capture a customer’s attention, raise brand awareness and drive higher sales conversions. Originality and quality can place your brand above the competition, especially in a highly competitive market like the cannabis industry. That’s where product packaging and in-store merchandising come into play. 

Let’s explore the benefits of custom cannabis POP displays and how they can boost awareness and sales for your brand. 

What are POP displays?

POP displays are a type of in-store advertising product. They are placed in retail stores to promote a brand’s marketing and advertising strategy. For example, companies can use in-store POP displays to promote a new brand, product launch, or special offer. 

Custom POP displays are versatile, so you can use them for LTOs, in-store demonstrations, expos, or permanent product placement. In addition, they’re lightweight and highly customizable, so they offer many advertising options. For instance, you could place a custom cannabis POP display near the checkout counter of a new dispensary to draw attention to your brand or product launch to drive purchasing decisions. 

The science behind POP displays

The average person views anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. On a daily basis, your target market is inundated with web banner ads, TV commercials, streaming announcements, and more. Branded in-store advertising is an effective way to reach new and existing customers and forge connections between consumers and your brand.

POP displays elevate your brand and help products stand out from standard shelf placements. After all, 72% of American consumers stated that packaging design influences their buying decisions. Another study found that 81% of consumers tried a brand for the first time due to packaging and design. 

In the United States, cannabis brands are projected to generate up to $130 billion by 2024. There is unlimited opportunity in this ever-growing industry, but there is also increasing competition. As the data suggests, in-store advertising, like a custom cannabis POP display, is an effective investment if you are looking to drive sales conversions and raise brand awareness. 

Designing a high-converting cannabis POP display

An effective cannabis POP design captures the message you want to convey to your target market. You need a POP display that has enough surface area to share your messaging and house your product. However, it’s important not to overwhelm customers visually. Simplicity is key for effective brand messaging, and an experienced cannabis packaging design company can assist you in finding the perfect balance for your brand. 

Other design considerations for cannabis POP displays include:

  • Messaging and design tactics that resonate with your target market
  • Telling your brand narrative in a concise yet compelling way
  • Bold yet on-brand graphics that support your brand identity
  • Cohesively translating style guidelines across marketing mediums
  • Using hierarchy to convey importance
  • Choosing the right POP display size for your product and in-store area
  • Accurately estimating the time it takes to design and manufacture the display

The Calico approach to cannabis displays

Our global supply chain management expertise focuses on driving results in the ancillary cannabis marketplace. We leverage a global network of suppliers and creatives to deliver an unparalleled product creation and packaging design experience. 

Our packaging solutions are a critical part of our business offerings. We have the creativity, resources, and expertise to position your brand in the cannabis market. In addition to championing your brand identity, we design custom packaging and POP displays that are compliant and create memorable consumer experiences.

We take an innovative approach to cannabis POP display design:

  • Creative analysis and prototyping: We work with you to capture your brand and understand your audience. Then, we develop graphic designs and product prototypes that reflect your brand’s identity. 
  • Supply chain planning: We ensure you have the resources you need for product development. 
  • Product sourcing: We partner with premium suppliers that deliver the highest-quality materials. Forging our designs with these materials ensures your brand is properly elevated in any space. 
  • Manufacturing: Our global network of ISO-accredited partners ensures that you are fully satisfied with your POP displays and custom packaging.
  • Quality control: Our quality evaluation standards are unmatched in the market. We use an extensive QA & QC process to ensure product integrity and production efficiency throughout the entire supply chain process. 
  • Delivery and beyond: The Calico Group is able to take your product from ideation to creation to delivery while meeting the highest quality and compliance standards.   

Trust The Calico Group

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