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What Are The Latest Trends For Cannabis Packaging?

How companies package cannabis products vary based on a few different factors. Branding strategy often determines marketing details used in packaging. Whatever a specific business’s marketing goals may be, quality cannabis packaging usually takes into account the following:

  • Ideal client(s): particular personas reflecting segments of a target market
  • Target audience: researched segments divided by demographic in a target market 
  • Standout factor: elements that reflect a company’s values, voice, etc.
  • Regulation compliance: level of compliant packaging standards held

Packaging trends incorporate this information primarily to ensure profitability and legality. Compliant packaging loses its value without proper research if it does not attract the ideal customer. Let’s discover current trends for cannabis packaging and see where the company can add even more value to its products.


There’s a clear challenge to selling green when products are packaged unsustainably. Yet, when familiar images display a cannabis leaf, customers often think of organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly goods. 

If companies wish to appear green in color and ethos, they must adapt. Fortunately, many cannabis packaging solutions enable this trend. As a result, businesses continue to shift to environmentally conscious products and packaging.

Consumers and businesses continue to reduce landfill waste with a higher priority for sustainable packaging within their purchasing decisions. With alternative materials like molded pulp, recycled paperboard, and sugarcane, reducing and recycling product packaging is more possible every day.


Another popular trend for cannabis packaging involves customizability. Companies can adopt many of the packaging trends mentioned herein with custom packaging. In addition, customized packages allow businesses to adapt to compliance requirements by region.

Custom prints help with brand awareness while still allowing for sustainability and innovative design. Packaging is the first thing a consumer sees, making it a pivotal part of any successful sale. Customization will enable companies to set whatever tone best suits their ideal clients and target demographics. Reliable packaging solutions allow for streamlined supply chain operations as well.

Customization allows brands to adapt too. Expanding product lines with subtle variations simplifies growth and design processes. In turn, growth is more cost-effective and lucrative.


Regulations vary by purpose and intent of cannabis goods within the industry. Although much more restrictive than state regulation, federal compliance is more consistent. However, local compliance varies considerably, especially with certain restrictions limiting companies’ ability to sell their goods properly.

Consider state regulations for packaging cannabis products as opportunities. Better market research and proactive design strategy cut costs, save time and preserve products while remaining compliant.

With compliance standards comes a corporate need for profit. Communicating value to consumers with design and packaging restrictions opens new demographics based on age, social status, and more. Cashing in on other packaging trends like minimalism is more straightforward, too.


Minimalism is trending in cannabis packaging for many reasons. It meshes well with various brand values and complies with many regulations. A minimalist package design communicates well to many demographics, for example:

  • Health and wellness: clean lines and simple logos communicate medicinal imagery and purposes
  • Luxury: emphasis on quality and exclusivity of product signals high value
  • Professional: streamlined brand icons demonstrate polish and credibility

Companies can appeal to even more demographics based on their market research and ideal clients. As the cannabis industry shifts for broader consumer reach, minimalism allows for expansion and higher profit as more lucrative consumer groups gain interest.


Many stereotypes surround the cannabis industry. As a result, one of the biggest trends in packaging and design involves a bold rebranding of said stereotypes. Instead of emphasizing retro or vintage users, companies position themselves to better target modern consumers.

Moving away from past concepts of cannabis means a focus on current needs: wellness, balance, high-end, and adaptive. With adequate market research, companies can communicate these new values, remaining compliant and taking advantage of other cannabis packaging trends.

Minimalism, customization, and sustainability allow companies to pivot away from traditional notions of cannabis use. With products like vape cartridges, edibles, supplements, and more, businesses have the potential to sell polished, professional products. Boldness allows companies to target more than recreational uses, like personal betterment and wellness.

Trends Change, But Quality Does Not

Regardless of current trends in cannabis packaging, consumer desire for quality products remains constant. Therefore, communicating high value is done directly through packaging and product design. 

Custom and standard production and packaging depend on experienced and established brands like the Calico Group. Contact us today and discover how to adapt to new and emerging trends with streamlined supply chain experts.



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