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Types of Custom Cannabis Packaging Your Brand Needs

Cannabis has several discernible packaging qualities that can go beyond the signature marijuana leaf. The recreational market is booming, and some businesses may see an opportunity to capitalize on unique brand details by implementing associated style elements. By investing in custom cannabis packaging you can distinguish your brand from the competition

Custom cannabis packaging is a worthy investment because it elevates a brand’s strategy, enhances the customer experience, improves functionality, and meets compliance requirements. Let’s explore some of the products that can benefit from custom packaging and which types of custom packaging work best for different products. 

Why is Custom Packaging Important?

The demographics for cannabis products range from casual users to committed buyers. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the preferences of local and regional customers to create products that will fit the target market. Building a relationship with clientele happens before they step on the premises. Therefore, custom cannabis marketing materials are paramount in advertising and building rapport with customers before, during, and after purchase.

Consider Packaging Materials

Partnering with an expert custom cannabis packaging company ensures the development process balances marketing objectives, design execution, customer experience, and compliance. Here are some custom packaging material options to consider:

  • Glass: this is an excellent option for custom dispensary packaging because it allows the customer to see the product before purchasing.
  • Plastic: budget-friendly and durable, cannabis products stored in plastic will maintain freshness and travel well.
  • Metal: lightweight metal materials allow for form-fitting packaging. When paired with transparent lids, metal containers preserve freshness while presenting the product in a visually appealing manner. 
  • Paper: custom paper vestibules offer versatility for presentation and use. 

Child-resistant and sustainable packaging is also available through these mediums. Whether a company chooses clear glass or specially curated metal for cannabis flower containers and other pieces, consider the method of storage. Intentional custom cannabis packaging design choices will enhance the overall brand experience.

Strategize Product Containers

There are varying degrees of functionality with the above packing materials. When storing cannabis flowers and visually appealing buds, clear glass jars are the optimal choice for showcasing products.

In order to maintain shelf life and eliminate moisture and sun exposure, foil-lined bags and metal casings are preferred. Other optimal shapes for small-unit storage include silicone jars, mylar bags, and foam encasings. A custom cannabis packaging company can help you develop the right packaging materials and designs for your products. 

Focus on First Impressions 

Custom dispensary packaging creates the perfect opportunity to show off your company’s eye-catching logo or share a mission statement that will resonate with your target market. Custom dispensary packaging is a plantable marketing tactic that will drive traffic to your brand’s physical locations and digital marketplaces. 

Factor in Travel and Shipping Materials

Carryout and shipping materials present another opportunity to establish a relationship with customers. Custom cannabis bags go beyond the product vessels to include paper bags and mylar satchels designed to transport perishable goods. These bags could function as a walking billboard for your brand. 

For customers outside the brick-and-mortar scope, the arrival method is the first thing they see when their products are delivered. Shipping boxes and padding can showcase branded design elements and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Opting for sturdy and functional shipping materials, such as boxes and textiles, is a winning strategy for ensuring product quality and safety. 

Elevating Your Brand

The green rush calls for an elevation of the entire cannabis industry. Your brand can lead the way with high-quality packaging materials. After all, a brand’s qualities can set them apart in the market, and product packaging should reflect that. Colors, fonts, patterns, and textures can contribute to one-of-a-kind branding. 

Through unique graphic design implementation, companies can list websites, phone numbers, social media handles, and other contact information to drive business and engagement. In addition, custom cannabis packaging elements enhance brand recognition amongst consumers and builds trust with buyers. 

Launch Successful Branding Campaigns with Market Leaders

Successful companies cultivate strong customer relationships through sourcing high-quality products and presenting inventory in captivating ways. Functionality, compliance, and design are key aspects of custom cannabis packaging. Successfully implementing a branded packaging strategy can translate to improved customer experience and increased sales. 

The Calico Group supports the unique needs of cannabis businesses by offering comprehensive supply chain solutions. Our full-service approach guarantees that packaging represents the quality and care your cannabis business puts into your product production.
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