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Building Technology to Protect the Cannabis Supply Chain

In the second half of 2021, cannabis investments grew by over 80%—such rapid financial development results from a few factors. The pandemic increased customer accommodations but negatively impacted supplying increased demands; as regulations creep closer to federal approval and the need to protect cannabis supply chains increases. Fortunately, there are many supply chain solutions – some already in existence or in development.

The best current and upcoming solutions in the cannabis industry are tech-based. Cannabis technology or “canna-tech” impacts multiple parts of the supply chain. Critical gaps in existing processes cripple a business, leaving supply chains open to future issues. 

Building technological solutions require industry knowledge and expertise, alongside an ability to foresee potential problems and opportunities. Let’s explore which aspects need technological innovation to meet the growing demands within the cannabis industry.

Track and Traceability in Supply Development

Sourcing vaporizer products are often treated as the highest priority in the cannabis industry. If a proactive approach is used to source, likely, technology is already part of the process. Otherwise, a supply chain strategy without analytics and forecasting is weak. 

Our process begins with supply development to simplify supply chain management from the start. Regional sourcing analysis is more accessible with multiple suppliers. It’s also a critical step to protect supply chains from unexpected interruptions. Even with supply forecasting, the best solution offers more than one alternative supplier.

Planning resources and procurement in advance also helps with risk profiles and facility scoring. Supply chain strategies face more challenges without a clear understanding of potential risks. For example, companies like CertainT and TruTrace Technologies ensure high-quality, authenticated strains with canna-tech tracking, tagging, and traceability.

The current use of DNA tagging and UV light identification is certainly cutting edge. However, implementing technological solutions in supply development takes any sourcing strategy to the next level. Although these technologies are brand new and still under development, they indicate how high-quality cannabis operations could run in the future.

Inventory Control in Warehouse Distribution

Aside from sourcing issues, warehouse distribution creates many supply chain issues. Even with verified and validated suppliers, shipping delays develop bottlenecks. However, it proves challenging to maintain a global warehouse capacity unless your process includes one. Our service offering has multiple supply chains and storage facilities to ensure products make it to their destinations.

Without a clear supply chain strategy, it’s challenging to perform a cost analysis. Suppose various bottlenecks in a supply chain hike up shipping and distribution costs; inventory management and tracking system can help. Maintaining warehouse capacity begins with better inventory control. A systematic inventory is easier to analyze and plan delivery and release schedules.

Avoiding supply chain bottlenecks begins with steady forecasting and reliable suppliers and continues with better inventory management. Even with shipping delays, a well-controlled inventory surpasses regulations and stays on track with distribution timelines, regardless of unexpected delays.

Route Management in Freight Planning

Managing supply chain bottlenecks along a preplanned route should not be reactive. With end-to-end cannabis supply chain management, preparing for route issues is easier than ever. Integrative technology like inventory management systems with JIT features keeps deliveries on time. They also allow for broader freight modalities, preventing bottlenecks from happening regularly.

With diversified distribution channels, route planning is no longer a wild card. Instead, cost analysis is streamlined, resulting in more negotiable terms. Forecasting real-time delivery and better load management occur as a result. Fewer supply chain issues along routes mean buyers and customers have products in hand sooner and cheaper.

Instead of focusing on current shipping delays and other supply chain disruptions from the pandemic, consider solutions. Determine what needs immediate attention (based on whatever cannatech solutions are required). Then, evaluate long-term opportunities for growth and cost-effectiveness. 

The Calico Group: A Smart Cannabis Supply Chain Company

Building technology to protect the cannabis supply chain industry requires a high level of expertise. Our smart solutions address a myriad of the technological challenges addressed above. We pride ourselves on individual solutions for every customer across the industry.  

We base solutions on long-term performance goals, not reactive and costly responses. Our team has creative ways to address any unique challenges wherever a business resides along the supply chain. A small business touch with a global operations size gives us an original perspective on many supply chain obstacles. Connect with us today to evaluate specific solutions for the better supply chain management.



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