From Concept to Retail and Everything In Between

The Calico Group provides a diverse suite of full-service product & supply chain management solutions covering the full gamut of Cannabis related critical business demands. With our ability to cover such a wide scope, we intend to be your one stop shop to help grow your business into a global market leader.

Who We Are

A recognized leader in the ancillary global cannabis industry. Nothing is out of reach.

What We Do

We build everything from the ground up. Whether it's innovative vape hardware, trend setting packaging, brand elevating print, or comprehensive supply chain services, we create, execute and manage every unique project from end-to-end.

How We Do It

The Calico Way is truly a unique, decentralized, and fully customized model (a true stand alone in the cannabis industry) and the word 'YES' isn't always the only lingo we know. With deep experience and in-depth knowledge of the current and forward markets, we provide honest opinion and guidance rather than telling you what you want to hear. We engage each project with a 'full approach' to ensure we do it right the first time  … no excuses.  We continue to raise the bar in manufacturing efficiency, compliance, and social responsibility. With our strategic direction and our leveraged buying power, we're here to put ideas into motion while building some lifelong relationships along the way.

Calico Offerings

Disposables, Cartridges, POD Systems, Batteries, Pre-Roll Accessories, Branded Merchandise and Custom Displays.


Rigid Boxes, SBS/ Folding Carton, Custom Bags (all materials), Foam, Corrugate, Containers, Mylar, Glass, Plastic / PET? Acrylic, Tin / Aluminum……Any product / any material & more.


Conventional Material, Banners, Labels & Seals, Media, Advertising, Papers and Misc Brand Solutions.

Business Services

Market Research & Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Global Sourcing, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Global Logistics, Customer Service, Warehousing & Inventory Management, Fulfillment & Kitting, JIT Delivery, Portfolio Management Services ….and this is just the beginning.

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