The Calico Group Founded in Las Vegas


Created Strategic Supply Group (SSG) in Shenzhen China


Established San Diego and Chicago Offices


Moved HQ to Austin, TX – Established Los Angeles & Bay Area Offices

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

I am pleased to have this opportunity to update you on the remarkable progress of our company, as we further evolve into a respected industry leader. As you know, in recent years, The Calico Group has undergone a remarkable evolution, continuing to pursue our corporate vision of becoming a global leader in the ancillary cannabis space.

In 2018, our company experienced another very strong year across all of our verticals. I am extremely pleased to report that in 2018, our year-over-year corporate growth surged to a remarkable 517 percent; in addition, our brick and mortar physical presence expanded from one to four states. Looking ahead, it is apparent that 2019 will mark a pivotal period for our organizational growth, as we continue to add depth and further expand our product and service offerings. This year, we will also internationally expand our operating markets, bolster our global supply relationships, as well as continue to recruit–and retain–the staffing skills and talent required in order to ensure our future success.

Since The Calico Group’s inception, our unique corporate culture has continued to define us, as well as delineate the company from our competitors.  At the core of our company culture remains a strong commitment to our five key corporate values of Commitment; Integrity; Accountability; Our People; and Performance.

As a successful enterprise, our corporate culture is also driven by a combination of growth and hard work, balanced with a robust and deep appreciation of our core stakeholders: our customers, suppliers, and employees. As our company continues to expand operations, we’re also particularly proud to play an integral role in the continued success of our valued clients; in addition, we take great pride in the fact that The Calico Group remains a preferred employer of choice among our staff members. Even as we continue to develop–and expand–our operations, our company remains committed to maintaining our dynamic corporate culture—built upon our decentralized business framework and skilled sales force, while working in partnership with our valued clients.     

Going forward, it remains undoubtedly true that, in order to achieve dynamic success and reach our corporate objectives, we must continue to work as a unified team. Indeed, our company’s success is predicated upon the notion that we consistently work to achieve our objectives through integrated initiatives; together, our continued success requires us to place a high priority on moving forward simultaneously on multiple fronts—thereby helping to ensure we achieve our goals as a thriving enterprise.

Looking ahead, 2019 will continue to be an exciting time for our company. This month, we relocated into our new corporate home, completing our move to Austin, TX, where we will continue to grow our book of business and expand our national and international footprint. I look forward to providing you with future updates on our company’s continued success.

In conclusion, I wish to extend a special thank you to all our valued stakeholders participating in this corporate journey. Thank you for your continued efforts and support, and for helping to make The Calico Group a thriving and rapidly growing enterprise.


Max Smith 

Chief Executive Officer

The Calico Group


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